original polishing technology

Better Cocktails Start at 0.1 Microns

Decades of experience making precision parts for the automotive industry serve as the foundation for Birdy’s superiority. Hand-polished to within 0.2 microns by skilled craftsmen, Birdy Shakers and Mixing Tins improve efficiency while gently shaving ice to create the maximum amount of tiny air bubbles that actually improve the way a cocktail tastes. A vertical grain works with the rounded shoulders of the Cocktail Shaker to increase the velocity of the ice while minimizing unnecessary ice damage that can make cocktails watery. The Mixing Tin is polished to form a horizontal grain that facilitates stirring to blend and chill drinks faster. This increased efficiency means the same amount of energy results in a better blended cocktail, with greater aeration to improve mouth feel.

The Patented Ideal Smoothness